A performance and discussion that explores war, detention, love, and tea. Tea Performances utilize the space created when someone sits, sips, and reflects over a cup of tea to ask questions about one’s relationship to the world: a world that’s filled with dehumanization, war, and destruction; a world that’s filled with moments of beauty, love, and humanity.

Selected Performances

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2017.
Expergiscimini: Waking Up, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA, 2017.
EXPO CHICAGO in conjunction with Human Wrights Watch, Chicago, IL, 2017.
Weinberg/Newton Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2017.
Material Histories: Cultures of Resistance, Ohio University School of Art & Design, Athens, OH, and the Majestic Gallery, Nelsonville, OH, 2017.
University of Texas San Antonio, TX, 2017.
Not Alone, San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco, CA, 2017.
The Dirty Canteen: Contemporary Art Made by Veterans, College of the Redwoods, Eureka, CA, 2016.
Forgotten Wars & Flowers, University of Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, WI, 2016.
Iowa Tea Tour, Islamic Center of the Quad Cities, Mother Mosque of America, & PEACE Iowa, 2016.
Arts Circle Celebration, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2016.
Links Hall, Chicago, IL, 2016.
Art & Other Tactics, San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco, CA, 2016.
Tea & Darkness, Clearing Barrel, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2015.
Tea & Darkness, NWE Vorst Theater, Tilburg, Holland, 2015.
Tea & Darkness, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, 2015.
Tea & Darkness, BAIZ, Berlin, Germany, 2015.
Karşı Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015.
Border Free Community Center, Afghan Peace Volunteers, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2015.
Artist Experiment, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, 2015.
Ceramic Research Center, Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ, 2015.
The Uncertainty of a Life in Security, University of Texas San Antonio, TX, 2015.
IVAW Convention, Ocoee, TN, 2015.
Art & Other Tactics, Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 2015.
The Imaginists, Santa Rosa, CA, 2015.
A Lived Practice, Sullivan Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2014.
Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS, 2014.
Reconnaissance, Headlands Center for the Arts, Fort Barry, CA, 2014.
Performing Tableware, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2013.
Open Engagement, Portland, OR, 2013.
Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Beirut, Lebanon, 2013.
Maruki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2012.
Milo's Palace, (In conjunction with Feast & Enemy Kitchen at the Smart Museum), Chicago, IL, 2012.
Lycoming College Art Gallery, Lycoming, PA, 2010.
MFA Thesis Show, Block Museum, Evanston, IL, 2009.
2,191 Days and Counting, Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY, 2009.